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Cabin for time/ There will be no morning 


The main starting points for this creative painting project “The cabin for time/There will be no morning” is the ethno – cultural region of Suvalkija and a feeling of nostalgia. Nostalgia has emerged as a response to the change of living place, and the ethnocultural region of Suvalkija is associated with the problem of self-identification in the present. Regional history, cultural memory, artifacts dating back to my ancestral life are the documents on which I build my personal (existential) structure. This art project is based on the idea that the human mind is the creative material for his identity. Due to this the mnemonic method “Loci” has been invoked. In the imagination I have created my own identity palace, which I named “The cabin for time”. I decided to use documents of my ancestors (the items that were used by my great-grandparents, the items which they made, utensils, their houses, places, where they lived) as the main “building material”. In this way, the ethnographic region of Suvalkija has become important to me. Paintings I have made are an expression of this structure and it’s documentation. They are a part of me. I think that during the painting process the identification occurs with the depicted object, and the experienced times merge with the unexperienced. This action helps to extend the interpretations of period, places and history, and to me personally – to understand the present.

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