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Although my thinking is deeply rooted in painting theory, my art practices are interdisciplinary. This feature comes out organically from methodologies based on artistic research, which I apply to create specific art projects. The main theme which I reflect is the place and local identity in a global environment. While my practice mostly originates from the ideas of Philosophical Philotopy, Genius Loci and Biomythography, I invoke different art disciplines and theories on principles of temporary relations, which are dictated by a specific creative process.

Working in a field of Identity theme I use the theory of Philosophical Philotopy which defines form of thinking, rooted in a particular place — the native land. In my research, I blend such things as Ancestry, concepts of different forms of identity, belonging, origin, and “home”. With art, I talk about all these things from my point of view. It is a story telling, a combination of myth, history and biography in epic narrative form, a style of composition that represents all the ways in which the world is perceived.


2013 – 2015 MA in Painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts
2013 – 2014 Art teacher certificate program, Vilnius Academy of Arts
2009 – 2013 BA in Painting, Vilnius Academy of Arts


Petras Lincevičius (b. 1990) is well-known in the Lithuanian art scene not only as a creator. He is a painter, lecturer, organizer of cultural projects and member of important art associations – the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LTMKS), LATGA, the Lithuanian Council for Culture, The Lithuanian Artists’ Association and a member of the community of Šilavotas Davatkynas. Since 2014 he has been curating symposiums and open-air workshops at the Šilavotas Davatkynas Museum.

Petras Lincevičius is the co-author of the fresco The Nonexistent Space at Vytautas Mineral Spa in Birštonas, LT, the artist of the Lithuanian film The Basement (Rūsys), and an illustrator of books. His works are in the collections of Abu Dhabi ArtHub, UAE, Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton, Italy, MO Museum, Vilnius.

His work is rooted in the exploration of specific geographical locations, the observation of everyday life, and its relationship to the flow of virtual information. The author defines the theme of his research as the (in)significance of local identity in a global world. The conservation of Time, Memory and Experiences are of utmost importance to this painter.

In his earlier works, the artist used to lock up memory in a “house for time”, where memories were stored on the shelves of imaginary rooms. The artist keeps the passing time in his memory as if in a colorful depository of experiences and memories. “I feel that lately, this colorfulness is fading, as the effort of remembering has been replaced by the digitisation of specific moments with a phone camera. In order to preserve it, I redraw the photographs I took, thereby releasing the photographic image – a snapshot captured in haste becomes a full-fledged memory.”






2021 Lithuanian Council for Culture individual artist grant;

From 2020 member of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’                       Association;

2019 Lithuanian Council for Culture individual artist grant;

2018 Lithuanian Council for Culture individual artist grant;

2018 - 2022 member of the Regional Cultural Council for Lithuanian             Council for Culture;

From 2017 member of Lithuanian Artists’ association;
2016 Artist in Residence, Art Hub, Abu Dhabi, UAE;
2015 The Best Young Artist at art fair ArtVilnius’15, Vilnius, Lithuania;
2011 Student Art Grant, Dalia Gruodienė prize for excellent painting            technique, Lithuania.



Abu Dhabi ArtHub Collection

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Imago Mundi

Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy


MO Museum

Vilnius, Lithuania

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