Kultfield.lt. represent the contradictions in the Lithuanian cultural field. These contradictions root from different cultural divisions – the cultural heritage of the Soviet period, established Western culture and the national culture among them.

I identify myself as a part of the Lithuanian cultural field, but I am not the one who criticizes or attempts to convey morality with my art – I am more of the observer and the chronicler. In the field of culture, as in other contexts, one can easily notice the consequences of sovietization. Although the material heritage of this policy is very clear and well preserved, I am more interested in the fact that the consequences of the anti-Lithuanian policy pursued by the USSR may be noticeable in the Lithuanian mindset.

I am interested in exploring how that anti-Lithuanian policy is reflected in contemporary phenomena of the Lithuanian cultural field. Such questions begin to arise when, in the cultural field of Lithuania, I notice specific (non)actions and ignorance towards cultural heritage that, in rare cases, are more damaging than helping. So, the question is, could it be that the destructive actions directed towards history are the sediments of Sovietization in subconsciousness of Lithuanian nation?