Although my thinking is deeply rooted in painting theory, my art practices are interdisciplinary. This feature comes out organically from methodologies based on artistic research, which I apply to create specific art projects. The main theme which I reflect is the place and local identity in a global environment. While my practice mostly originates from the ideas of Philosophical Philotopy, Genius Loci and Biomythography, I invoke different art disciplines and theories on principles of temporary relations, which are dictated by a specific creative process.

Working in a field of Identity theme I use theory of Philosophical Philotopy which defines form of thinking, rooted in a particular place — the native land. In my research, I blend such things as Ancestry, concepts of different forms of identity, belonging, origin, and “home”. With art, I talk about all these things from my point of view. It is a story telling, a combination of myth, history and biography in epic narrative form, a style of composition that represents all the ways in which the world is perceived.